Hey, I'm Arpit

I'm a software developer, digital artist and photographer. I'm currently an anonymous frontend developer for a defi protocol. I’m also a frequent open source contributor and currently working on react-hooks-library.

My goal is to build beautiful web experiences with passionate people, particularly in the crypto space.

If you wish to reach out, find me online.

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  • Frontend Developer

    Defi Trading Platform (Ethereum)

    Anonymous collaborator working as frontend developer for a defi trading platform.

  • Fullstack Developer


    Building customizable video chat applications, similar to zoom or google meet.

  • Fullstack Developer


    Maintainer of the backend and web app for zeptagram, a crypto enabled music service.

  • Google Summer of Code Intern


    Proposed and developed system to auto update firefox public suffix list. Successfully delivered in firefox 70. All my work is public and open source.

  • Blockchain Research Intern


    Solved problems of demurrage claims in the oil shipping industry with the help of ethereum smart contracts


  • React Hooks Library

    A collection of 30+ react hooks and utilities, also built an accompanying custom documentation website th at shows live react demos for all hooks.

  • heyitsarpit.dev

    The website that you're looking at currently.

  • Ad Recommendation on YouTube Videos

    Senior year research project on the topic of ad recommendation on YouTube videos. Analysis of captions to generate product via keyword ranking algorithms. Analysis and comparison of string similarity measurement algorithms. Published research paper in Springer.

Art & Photography#

I started doing photography in college just because I loved color grading photos, I extended that creative energy to digital art and learned blender. While I mostly made things for myself and my friends, I had the opportunity to collaborate with The Perfect Sign Language Pistol, a swedish band, I made the cover art for their debut EP. You can view my art here.


Feel free to reach me at arpitbharti73@gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter, Github and LinkedIn.